It’s been two years since my favourite cat was diagnosed with Kidney disease

It’s been two years since my favourite cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease.  I take him in for blood work every 3 or 4 months to see how his kidney levels are.  He had to be put on special food called K.D. made by Hills but earlier this year he kept licking himself and is pretty well bald on his hind legs, hips and tail.  The Vet and I thought it could be the food and since his kidney levels in July weren’t at level 2 yet, I put him back on a regular senior diet and he still licks himself a lot.  There is no redness or rash so I don’t know what is causing his irritation.  He does not have fleas either.  I’m going to take him back to the Vet in November for more blood work and will discuss with the Vet again.

In spite of this licking himself, he is a happy cat and still loves to run around, play and be picked up and hugged.  He is only 10 so I hope he lives for at least another two years.

It seems like males get kidney disease more than females.  My 10 year old female cat is in good health.  I’m thankful for that.


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