Susan Boyle on Oprah last Friday Voicing Her Dream

Susan Boyle, the lady who dazzled Simon Cowell and the audience on “Britians’  Got Talent”  show, was on the Oprah Winphrey show last week.

Oprah’s cameramen had visited Susan in her own home in Scotland previous to the show and showed video clips of her singing at Karaoke in her home town.

Simon Cowell was on Oprah in person and Susan Boyle was on via video link.  It shows us that we should not judge a person by their looks.  Susan Boyle has talent and is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream that has not been fulfilled yet.

I am also in my late 40’s and I also have a dream which I am working on fulfilling.  It’s definitely not singing as that would scare people away.  One of my passions is writing and acting.  I’m in the process of writing an e-book and Susan Boyle is an inspiration that it’s never too late to start.

My late aunt Bernice is also an inspiration as she was a famous Canadian author and wrote her first novel at the age of 59.

It’s never to late to realize your dreams.  What do you think?


About AveryT

I like writing, animals, travelling. I am currently taking internet courses to learn how to build a web page and write an e-book.
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One Response to Susan Boyle on Oprah last Friday Voicing Her Dream

  1. You’re definitely right! It is never too late to fulfill your dreams. After years of wanting to do it, (since high school, really) I finally had my first novel published at 39. Age is only a number. You need to believe in yourself. No one can write what you can because you are unique. I wish you well in all your writing endeavors, Avery!

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