Excited Over Terminator Salvation Movie on May 21st.

The Terminator trilogy have been one of my favorite movie series of all time and now a fourth Terminator movie is coming out on May 21st call Terminator Salvation.

The plots go back and forth between now and the future. The premise is that the computer system that the U.S. developed to protect them turns on them and the rest of the world by unleashing all the nuclear bombs thus destroying earth as we know it and killing most humans.

One of the humans, John Conner, survives the blast and when he is older he leads the rest of the survivors in the fight against Skynet and its robots called Terminators.  The Terminators are made of metal alloy and look like humans and can imitate the sound of different humans.  Some Terminators can turn into liquid metal and take the shape of the people they kill.  Only dogs can detect them.

The movies go back and forth between the present and the future.  Skynet from the future sends back Terminators into the present to kill young John Conner so he cannot lead and destroy Skynet.  At the same time the adult John Conner of the future, sends re-programmed Terminators that he’s captured into the present to protect his younger self and stop Skynet before the bombs are dropped, thus attempting to change the future and save the world.

The action and the special effects of the Terminator trilogy are phenominal and the trailers of the upcoming movie are comparible.  I am looking forward to the release date of this fourth Terminator movie.


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