Wolverine Movie Looks Awesome!

I have watch every X-men movie on the big screen and loved them.  I also own the DVD’s as I love the special effects.

My favorite character of the X-men movie, by far, is Wolverine.  He has the ability to extend huge metal claws from his knuckles much like a cat unleashes their claws when angry.  He has superhuman strength, speed and his injuries heal within seconds.

I just watched the Trailers about Wolverine which is a prequel to the X-men and shows Wolverine as a child and how he developed into the super human character he demonstrates.  Although the movie has been out a few days I have not had time to see it yet, but will in the next two weeks.

I don’t watch movies on the big screen very often,  but one’s with great special effects like Wolverine,  are an exception.  I’m sure that anyone who loved the X-men trilogy will be thrilled when seeing Wolverine on the big screen, just like I will.


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