The Time Thief called Television

Watching T.V. mindlessly can be a big waste of time.  Many North Americans watch 4 or 5 hours of television a day or more.

I used to watch hours of T.V. and not get other things done.   I have dramatically cut down the number of hours of just watching the tube and doing nothing else.

When I’m not working I like to watch the Ellen Degeneres show at 10:00 a.m. and sometimes Oprah at 4 p.m.  but I’m usually doing other things while watching it like writing a couple of my blogs or sorting paperwork.

I like to watch some of the news to see what’s going on especially when there is a flu outbreak like the current swine flu which has affected Mexico, the U.S., Canada and probably other countries.  I like to see how close it is to my area and if there are any new alerts.

I watch only one soap opera when I’m at home and that’s All My Children but again I’m usually going through bills or other things when watching it.

There are certain television shows that are on different days of the week.  I tape them on my basement VCR (yes I’m using an old fashioned device) and then watch them at the end of the day when I just want to relax and chill before going to bed.  The benefit of this is that I can fast forward through the commercials and just enjoy the show.  When watching these shows, I’m not doing other things as the purpose is to relax.  They also have a certain plot and I don’t want to miss anything.

An example of two shows I just love are “24” with Keiffer Sutherland and Prison Break.  Both are fast acting shows and I don’t want to miss anything and I save these for the end of the day as a treat to myself.


About AveryT

I like writing, animals, travelling. I am currently taking internet courses to learn how to build a web page and write an e-book.
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