Ellen and Oprah are Uplifting Daytime Television shows

The Ellen Degeneres show is awesome as she is very entertaining and witty.  She starts off the show with a few witty comments and then dances amongst the audience.  I just love it when she shows animal videos and also engages the audience in different contests.

Ellen not only interviews celebreties but also ordinary people and children who exhibit different talents.

One week she hurt her back and did the show from a bed and then just stayed in the chair as she was healing as she loves her job so much.

Oprah is another show that is uplifting as she interviews celebrities as well but also helps the worldwide audience with some guests, like Dr. Oz, who is a wealth of medical information.

Oprah also interviews people who have had adversities in their lives, like the person who had lost her right shoulder, breast and arm to the flesh eating disease and survived.  Dr. Oz was also on the show explaining how the bacteria takes hold of the body.

During this recession, Oprah has also had financial expert Suzie Orman on to help people who are in debt and to give great financial advice about living within your means.

I like the way that Oprah interviews spiritual people like Ekhert Tolle and she even had once a week free downloadable web seminars to discuss his book “A New Earth”.  During these web seminars, she answers questions from people on the phone or through Skype.  It was really uplifting.

This year she interviewed other spiritual people via the web and it was great.

Ellen and Oprah also give generous gifts away to audience members.

Some day time television show hosts are into sensationalism and having guests on they know will fight with each other or have cheated on each other.

I believe that the Ellen and Oprah show are in higher category and have some integrity.


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