Diabetes in dogs and cats

Diabetes is becoming more common in dogs and cats and affects about every one in  200 of them.

Its important to know the causes and treatment of this condition.   Some dog breeds such as the golden retrievers and standard poodles are more prone to diabetes and may even suffer from it at a young age.

For most dogs and cats the two main causes are #1. Obesity and inactivity and #2 a high carbohydrate diet.

Just like humans, a high carb diet causes the blood sugars to rise quickly soon after eating.  The body then produces insulin to bring sugar from the blood into the cells.  Eventually the cells insulin receptors begin to malfuction and close down.  This causes the body to produce more insulin and this starts a cycle of insulin resistance.  Eventually the body can no longer produce enough insulin causing the blood sugars to be too high and thus causing diabetes.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes in your pet is increased appetite, increased drinking and increased urination.  Your pet will usually experience weight loss as well.  Diabetes may affect your pets vision, kidneys and cause nerve damage and possible limb weakness, just like in humans.

If you suspect Diabetes Mellitis, then take your pet to the Vet promptly where blood tests can diagnose this disease.  Treatment plans can include insulin shots or pills.  Diet is also an important component in treating diabetes.  In fact, diet alone can help diabetes in cats to go into remission.

Dogs should have a diet that is high in fiber and with moderate carbohydrates.  Cats should have a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

You should take your pet to the Vet at least once or twice a year for a check up to make sure they are healthy, especially when they are seniors.


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