Animals that have saved peoples lives

We have all heard of stories of dogs or cat who have saved people lives.  Many dogs will fights off an attacker to save their owners and police dogs have saved their human partners when apprehending a criminal.

Animals have even saved their owners from fires by waking them up.

A few years ago, my older cat, saved my life in the oddest way.  He used to wake me up in the middle of the night so I kept my bedroom door closed.  One night he meowed so much at the door that I finally relented and let him in and kept the door open.

Early in the morning, I heard the fire alarm in the upstairs hallway and my room was full of smoke.  I had left a candle burning on what I thought was a good candle holder, but it was the candle holder that was smoking, spewing toxic fumes.

If my lovable old cat hadn’t bugged repeatedly to be let in, the door would have been closed and the smoke would not have reached the smoke detector when it did. The bedroom might have caught on fire, or I would have inhaled more toxic fumes and may not have awakened.

I am a spiritual person and believe that God  nudged my cat to bother me as He knew what would happen later on.  I’m truly grateful to God and my cat for saving my life and home that night.


About AveryT

I like writing, animals, travelling. I am currently taking internet courses to learn how to build a web page and write an e-book.
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