My first dog was very protective of me

Dogs are very social and protective of their family.  My parents had a collie dog named Susie,  who was very protective of me.  I never feared walking in the ravine near my back yard when she was with me as she would protect me against any predators.

One day a friend of mine named Peter was angry at me and decided to push me in front of Susie.  Well that was a big mistake on his part, as she quickly reacted to the threat, and promptly bit his shoulder.  I felt bad that he got bitten, but at the same time was proud of my collie dog as she protected me.

She’s been gone along time, but I still have good memories of her and will never forget her.


About AveryT

I like writing, animals, travelling. I am currently taking internet courses to learn how to build a web page and write an e-book.
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