Could your cat be an assassin?

Cats like to go in between people’s feet and sometimes they do it at the most inappropriate moment like when you are about to go down the stairs.

Someone at work fell down the stairs with a load of laundry and and broke her tail bone because her cat went in front of her and tripped her when she was on the last two stairs.

I’ve heard someone else mention this and jokingly asked “is my cat an assassin?”

My view to this is that cats are loveable and like to be playful around their owners (they may also be indicating they want food to, but I’ll take the playful version)

My two cats have almost tripped me when I’ve gone downstairs as they like to be where I am.   This may be kind of personal, but one of my cats loves to run into the bathroom when I’m walking in there as she knows I’ll pet her when sitting on the lieu.


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I like writing, animals, travelling. I am currently taking internet courses to learn how to build a web page and write an e-book.
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