It’s been two years since my favourite cat was diagnosed with Kidney disease

It’s been two years since my favourite cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease.  I take him in for blood work every 3 or 4 months to see how his kidney levels are.  He had to be put on special food called K.D. made by Hills but earlier this year he kept licking himself and is pretty well bald on his hind legs, hips and tail.  The Vet and I thought it could be the food and since his kidney levels in July weren’t at level 2 yet, I put him back on a regular senior diet and he still licks himself a lot.  There is no redness or rash so I don’t know what is causing his irritation.  He does not have fleas either.  I’m going to take him back to the Vet in November for more blood work and will discuss with the Vet again.

In spite of this licking himself, he is a happy cat and still loves to run around, play and be picked up and hugged.  He is only 10 so I hope he lives for at least another two years.

It seems like males get kidney disease more than females.  My 10 year old female cat is in good health.  I’m thankful for that.

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My Favourite Cat has kidney disease

My favourite cat was diagnosed with kidney disease in October of 2009 after blood work was done and his kidney levels were high.  Hhe had to be put on prescription cat food called K.D.  I was worried he wouldn’t like it but he’s eating it fine.

When I took him to the Vet in March for more blood levels they had dropped from 231 to 198 for creatinine.  Normal is 177 at its highest.  I was pleased that is was a better level and he had gained a little over two pounds and I was happy about that.

Kidney disease in cats is not curable but I’m working on giving him as long as a life as possible.

The downsize is that my overweight female cat is gaining more weight on the diet but they both eat the same food.

The Vet asked if I could separate them but that would be cruel as they love each other and spend a lot of time with each other.  I don’t want to distrupt their lives.

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Jack Canfield Success Principles Workshop Rocked

I attended a Success Principles workshop on Saturday May 23rd which was taught by Jack Canfield and based on his book “Success Principles”.

He is also the co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. It was a very uplifting presentation and he informed us how our thoughts, feelings and actions affect our results.  He spoke about not giving up on our dreams.  When he and Mark Victor Hansen wrote “Chicken Soup for the Soul” they had gone to 144 publishers and no one wanted to publish their book.  I think Jack said it was the 144th or 145th publisher who took a chance on them and published their book.  If he had given up at number 125 it would never have been published.

Jack’s other goals were to be in a movie and be on Oprah.  He was in the movie “The Secret” and as a result of that was invited on the Oprah show.

This was inspiration for me to accomplish what I want in my life.  I am interested in writing a book and getting into acting and starting a part-time business so I can be financially free.  So far I have not achieved my goals but I am not giving up.

Jack also  did a muscle testing demonstration  to show us how our negative or positive thoughts affects our muscles and body and how we can protect ourselves from others negativity.  It was an amazing demonstration.

I am currently listening to a program by Jack Canfield on the Law of Attraction where there are two DVD’s and three C.D.’s.

I also purchased (at a discounted price)  another program from Learning Strategies called “Effortless Success – Living the Law of Attraction”  It’s a course that’s taught by Jack Canfield with Paul Scheele from Learning Strategies.  It’s a three part course based on the Law of Attraction rules: Ask, Believe and Receive.  It has a workbook for each section and C.D’s with meditations and Paraliminals.  I have been working on the first section and listening to the C.D’s.  It’s very inspirational.

Has anyone else seen Jack Canfield in person, read his books or listened to his C.D’s and what did you think?Jack Canfield and I at Success Workshop

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Susan Boyle on Oprah last Friday Voicing Her Dream

Susan Boyle, the lady who dazzled Simon Cowell and the audience on “Britians’  Got Talent”  show, was on the Oprah Winphrey show last week.

Oprah’s cameramen had visited Susan in her own home in Scotland previous to the show and showed video clips of her singing at Karaoke in her home town.

Simon Cowell was on Oprah in person and Susan Boyle was on via video link.  It shows us that we should not judge a person by their looks.  Susan Boyle has talent and is an inspiration to anyone who has a dream that has not been fulfilled yet.

I am also in my late 40’s and I also have a dream which I am working on fulfilling.  It’s definitely not singing as that would scare people away.  One of my passions is writing and acting.  I’m in the process of writing an e-book and Susan Boyle is an inspiration that it’s never too late to start.

My late aunt Bernice is also an inspiration as she was a famous Canadian author and wrote her first novel at the age of 59.

It’s never to late to realize your dreams.  What do you think?

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Excited Over Terminator Salvation Movie on May 21st.

The Terminator trilogy have been one of my favorite movie series of all time and now a fourth Terminator movie is coming out on May 21st call Terminator Salvation.

The plots go back and forth between now and the future. The premise is that the computer system that the U.S. developed to protect them turns on them and the rest of the world by unleashing all the nuclear bombs thus destroying earth as we know it and killing most humans.

One of the humans, John Conner, survives the blast and when he is older he leads the rest of the survivors in the fight against Skynet and its robots called Terminators.  The Terminators are made of metal alloy and look like humans and can imitate the sound of different humans.  Some Terminators can turn into liquid metal and take the shape of the people they kill.  Only dogs can detect them.

The movies go back and forth between the present and the future.  Skynet from the future sends back Terminators into the present to kill young John Conner so he cannot lead and destroy Skynet.  At the same time the adult John Conner of the future, sends re-programmed Terminators that he’s captured into the present to protect his younger self and stop Skynet before the bombs are dropped, thus attempting to change the future and save the world.

The action and the special effects of the Terminator trilogy are phenominal and the trailers of the upcoming movie are comparible.  I am looking forward to the release date of this fourth Terminator movie.

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The New Star Trek Movie Looks Fanastic

I was just watching three trailers for the new Star Trek movie and it looks fanastic.  It starts in theatres on May 8th and I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen as I am a trekkie.  No, I have not gone to trekkie conventions, but I loved the shows and movies.

When I was growing up I used to watch the old Star Trek show with William Shatner playing James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy playing Spock.  I loved the other characters as well especially when they had comical moments. 

The special effects were good at the time, but you could tell the Enterprise was hanging from a string as it would shake a bit.  Now with the event of digital equipment, special effects in movies look awesome and realistic.

I’ve watched every Star Trek T.V. series and movies that have come out since and have the Voyageur series on DVD.  The only Star Trek series I didn’t watch more than a few times was Deep Space Nine as I didn’t like the interaction amongst the characters and particularly disliked the Farangue because I found them annoying.

I’m sure many other Star Trek fans, other wise known as Trekkies, are excitedly awaiting the launch of the latest movie just like I am.

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Wolverine Movie Looks Awesome!

I have watch every X-men movie on the big screen and loved them.  I also own the DVD’s as I love the special effects.

My favorite character of the X-men movie, by far, is Wolverine.  He has the ability to extend huge metal claws from his knuckles much like a cat unleashes their claws when angry.  He has superhuman strength, speed and his injuries heal within seconds.

I just watched the Trailers about Wolverine which is a prequel to the X-men and shows Wolverine as a child and how he developed into the super human character he demonstrates.  Although the movie has been out a few days I have not had time to see it yet, but will in the next two weeks.

I don’t watch movies on the big screen very often,  but one’s with great special effects like Wolverine,  are an exception.  I’m sure that anyone who loved the X-men trilogy will be thrilled when seeing Wolverine on the big screen, just like I will.

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